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Trichomonas Vaginal Infections: Learn More about This Common STD

Today everybody has heard about Trichomonas infections because of their frequent occurrence, especially among young people. Statistics show that in USA over 3 million of women get infected with it annually. The annual world number of people infected by the disease reaches the record score of 160 million and Metronidazole Online Prescription.. Whether Trichomoniasis has pronounced symptoms or no symptoms at all, which is recorded in 10 to 50% of cases, its treatment is absolutely necessary, especially, in women because infected women transmit the disease to healthy men and become more susceptible to HIV themselves. Other complications may include preterm delivery in pregnant women and low weight of a newborn.

Trichomonas vaginalis is a parasite caused disease, which is accompanied in women with untypical vaginal discharge of yellowish or greenish color, foamy texture, with unpleasant fishy smell; irritating and itching sensations and general discomfort in the intimate area. Latest blogpost: Pelvic Inflammatory Disease: Risks and Necessary Measures.A pelvic exam may show inflammation, reddish sores of the vaginal endometrium. The symptoms usually reveal not sooner than on the 5th day after an individual gets infected. Incubation period, however, may be prolonged up to 4 weeks.

The sooner the disease is diagnosed, the better, because a timely treatment will not only relieve painful symptoms but prevent the transmission of the disease to healthy people. The major treatment prescribed against the causative agent, one-celled parasite, is antibiotic medication. Topical steroids are applied as an accompanied measure, relieving the symptoms. Trichomoniasis is treated in a way, similar to the one applied for treatment of bacterial vaginal infections. Both sexual partners must go through a check-up and take full treatment in case of a positive result. Get more info by visiting

Naturally, it is quite embarrassing, especially, for a woman to admit that she has a STD. However, without timely medical help you will not be able to cope with this problem, causing you and your partner’s health even more damage, if not treated. Nowadays, there are enough clinics available where you can get a qualified help anonymously.Social profile: Buy Flagyl Without Prescription. And this is the right and absolutely necessary step that must be taken to deal with one of the most prevalent nonviral diseases nowadays, transmitted sexually.


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